Our Clients

mmMedalcraft Mint

“The knowledge, experience and results that E&S Entrepreneur Advisors have brought to Medalcraft Mint have been integral to the success, and continued success, of our company. Beth has an exceptionally strong understanding of manufacturing and cost control. Her skills as our outsourced CFO are an important part of our management team.” –Jerry Moran, Owner


twigsfloralTwigs & Vines Floral

“E&S Entrepreneur Advisors has been truly instrumental in the success of my business. I enlisted the services of Susan and Beth shortly before my store opening in January of 2012.

The service they offered was exactly what I needed to get my Flower shop up and running. I had a very small window of time to get my business set up and they were able to pull everything together for me. They set up my QuickBooks, payroll, tax accounts, and everything I needed to run my business. They taught me everything I needed to know and continue to be by my side. They are always available to answer questions and return calls promptly. I am thankful for the peace of mind partnering with E&S Entrepreneur Advisors has given me. Susan’s positive attitude is always uplifting and I can count on her at all times for encouragement  and support.” –Judy Corrigan, Owner


hcThe Hair Connection

“I have been working with Susan and Beth of E&S Entrepreneur Advisors for the last  few years and I am very impressed with their company. They have helped me to better understand my business. I am even learning to do some of the entering in QuickBooks myself. They are always very professional, ready to help me when I call. I would highly recommend Beth and Susan from E&S Entrepreneur Advisors.” — Connie Koehnke, Owner

valleyValley Wellness & Referral, LLC

“Having Susan and Beth develop a business plan and strategy based on my unique needs as a counselor was the best decision I could have made! From guiding me through the steps with getting my LLC up and running, to payroll, and taxes, these ladies have been a tremendous asset to me and my business.”  –Meridith Staring, Owner


Yellow Wood final logo white 2Yellowwood Chiropractic

“Starting my own business and opening my dream practice was a very exciting event. However, as the doors opened and patient volume increased, the ability to juggle the various aspects of small business ownership became challenging. I preferred to aid in patient progress and recovery of their health, as opposed to spending time at the computer configuring QuickBooks. I expressed my concern to a business associate and was referred to E&S Entrepreneur Advisors who specialize in new business start-up. Susan offered a complementary consultation and explained what she could do to assist in the accounting process. After working with Susan, accounting tasks and tax prep have all been significantly streamlined. I appreciate the fact that they do not take an “All or Nothing” approach, but rather, assist in technical aspects and encourage clients to do what they feel comfortable doing. They are quick to respond to questions and offer business solutions that fit our needs. We are currently operating an efficient and successful practice and can only attribute our quick success to the knowledge and insight that stems from our partnership with E&S Entrepreneur Advisors.” –Dr. Kimberli Trader, Owner


logo2Cambridge Polymer Group
“Excellent value, and pro-active on cost-savings measures. We have been in business for 14 years, and E&S has found several areas where we can improve our accounts for better transparency and cost-savings during reconciliation.”



Baseman Studio Photography, LLClogo3
“Beth from E&S Entrepreneur Advisors came into my office, helped me set up QuickBooks from the very installation, and trained me in everything I would need to know to run my business efficiently with the tools and technology applicable to me. With all the challenges of starting-up and running a business, it’s nice to know someone is on your side! Worth the investment! My level of comfort with running my business before you two was about 5%. Now I feel it is about 95%! Thanks you so much!”


En Point Marketing:
“Susan and Beth with E&S were very helpful in getting my Quickbooks set up properly and training me on the specific areas that I needed help with. I had already set up QB and was using it for a couple months… E&S was able to walk me thought real transactions and point out areas that I needed to adjust so that all of my reporting was correct. I received a customized document summarizing all the features that we discussed for on-going reference. I felt like they were a great value and saved me time and money in the long run. I have scheduled them to come back and walk through submission of taxes at the end of the quarter. It’s great to have someone you can call on for just what you need and not feel like they are going to charge you and exorbitant fee!”


logo8Pep In Your Step Dance Studio, LLC
“I can honestly say that I attribute the majority of my dance studio’s success to Beth and her wealth of knowledge in every area of business. She has truly gone to great lengths not only to understand the workings of the studio, but to provide me with the tools and insight to be profitable, expand, and grow. As a new business owner, the responsibilities are endless and Beth was not only able to understand and relate to these issues, but she was able to alleviate my anxiety, free up some of my grueling hours behind the desk, and allow me to focus on what is truly important to the success of my studio….dance! She takes a personal approach and I feel that she strongly believes that my success is her success. By keeping her services affordable, I can’t understand why any business would choose NOT to use E&S Entrepreneur Advisors!!!” – Pepe’ Freude, Owner


logo9Power 2 Perform Consulting LLC
“Both Beth and Susan provided excellent instructional services in the use of QuickBooks Pro 2009. I was able to enter my current invoices and receipts so that I could practice my data entry skills needed to stay current with my business operations. I appreciate their talents in customer service, accounting and follow through.” – Karen Baker Ruppel, Founder/President




logo11Garden Coaching by RoyAnne
“Working a full-time job while starting my new business didn’t leave lots of time. To be efficient as possible, I wanted to do things right the first time—file the correct state and federal forms, set up a bookkeeping system with accounts tailored to my specific needs and learn to use the system correctly to avoid “do-overs” at tax time. Beth and Susan of E&S Entrepreneur Advisors, LLC, came to my rescue! They provided everything I wanted at an affordable price and in a caring, patient manner. Not having an accounting background and starting a very small, modest business, I thought I might feel intimidated, but I did not. Beth and Susan encouraged me, trained me and supported me through my start up phase. Finding Beth and Susan was a wonderful gift that enabled me to get my business off to a great start!”


logo12GreenSky Energetics
“GreenSky Energetics went through a growth spurt and needed help with understanding our financial health. E&S provided an analysis of our financial data and identified improvement opportunities. I knew that they had expertise in using our QuickBooks files, I was pleasantly surprised at the additional effort Beth and Susan took to understand us as a contractor business and to gain insight into our internal processes. We immediately implemented key recommendations and quickly saw positive growth in our margins. All of those results, at a price we could afford.”


logo6Motto, Inc.
“I would recommend E&S Entrepreneur Advisors, LLC. as a resource for any entrepreneur. They can assist you with the big picture and the day-to-day details. Their in-depth understanding of finance, operations as well as specific software such as Quickbooks makes them a great partner to have.” – Rob Riley, Owner



final logoGet Connected Counseling, LLC
“Susan and Beth from E&S Advisors supported my dream of opening up my own mental health clinic. When it came time to do the SWAT analysis they both stepped up and assisted in finishing this part of my business plan. As a result I was able to get a VA loan to open up the business.

They both were there every step of the way, offering encouragement and factual information to support making this goal achievable. Both are easy to work with, flexible and professional.” – Cherie Lindberg, LPC , Clinical Director/Owner



The Dialogue Partnership, LLC
“When I met Susan and her colleague Beth through the E-Seed program at Fox Valley Tech, I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and their genuine interest in helping individuals who are launching small businesses. I also appreciated their warning that it’s better to enlist their help in setting up Quickbooks correctly from the start, than to bring them in later to “fix” it!

So, I hired Susan as Quickbooks coach – and I’m glad I did. She taught me the basics on my level, was thorough and efficient, and was patient with me as I was learning. The procedure manual she created for me has been valuable, as well.

I’d recommend her highly – in fact, I did: she’s also been very helpful to my wife’s not-for-profit organization.” – Rich Redman, Founder/Principal


studio mStudio M School of Dance
Beth is detail oriented and has been an incredible asset to my small business. She monthly balances my books, timely takes care of all legal filings, reviews and adapts my business budget, gives long-range financial goals/advice, and was critical in acquiring a building loan for my business. Beth is a warm, engaging, and trustworthy professional. She has lifted a huge burden off my shoulders, and has given me tools and confidence to move my business forward.” – Marni Duin, Owner


“Beth has been a wonderful assest to our business. She has the upmost integrity and is very knowledgeble in her field. Our reporting and financial information has never been better. She understands our forcast stategy and is always looking for ways to make our business more profitable.” – Susan Moran, President